Medico-legal writing-support specialist

I offer a range of medico-legal writing support services that ensure delivery of high quality medico-legal reports. Not only have I been freelancing in this capacity for more than 10 years and offering these services in part or collectively, but also I am a registered social worker (SACSSP) and PEG accredited text editor (Professional Editors’ Guild).

Medico-legal writing services

Write up

I type up intake and clinical information and/or other specified areas of work from hard copy material, within scope and where appropriate. Because I understand the forensic nature of medico-legal report writing, I am able to maintain consistency in this regard.

Capturing hospital records and expert opinions

I am vigilant about information pertaining to mental state, saturation levels and changes in behaviour, specifically in medical records. This supports a more accurate diagnosis on your part. I also accurately capture relevant information from experts pertaining to their particular scopes of practice.

Proofreading and copy-editing

My proofreading and copy-editing services include correction of mechanical errors such as punctuation, spelling errors and grammar. In additon, I correct formatting and make the style consistent. Another thing I check is that terminology is congruent and I also remove unnecessary or repetitive information.

My services guarantee the following benefits:

  • Reducing the administrative burden associated with medico-legal work
  • Freeing up more time for you for direct professional services
  • Ensuring accuracy
  • Establishing consistency of fact and writing style
  • Validating content
  • Maintaining or enhancing your credibility

For any professional, time is a scarce resource. My services lift the burden of this task from my clients’ shoulders. They provide me with their clinical notes and other relevant documentation. I compile the associated information into a well constructed, accurate and precisely written document. My understanding of terminology in this field, the forensic requirement and the legal issues involved ensures that information is congruent, potential weaknesses or inaccuracies are amended and the report is accurate.

Within the medico-legal arena, particularly, where documents and reports come under careful scrutiny and are required to meet rigorous quality standards, it is imperative that reports are clearly and accurately written, additional documents are captured correctly and meticulous editing and proofreading are employed as final measures. My medico-legal writing services uphold these standards.


Happy clients

‘I find Ms Grewan’s work to be of excellent quality. She is good at recognising and fixing spelling,
grammatical and formatting errors. She has helped me to get my reports of a standard high enough to meet the approval of attorneys and advocates. I continue to make use of her services for these reasons but also because she saves me a lot of time by fixing these mistakes in the reports of my colleagues who work under my supervision. She works quickly, is trustworthy and has an excellent work ethic.’ (Dr Sharon Truter, neuropsychologist, Cape Town)

Alexis’ services include editing and proofreading. She pays attention to the structure of the reports, including headings and numbering. She corrects information inserted by others prior to the document reaching her. She ensures that the information is congruent and the detail accurate. Alexis highlights information that is not clear or that might be missing. The report is returned with correct grammar, punctuation and use of tenses. Alexis delivers work on time and, if an urgent deadline is requested, she manages this without fail. She can be relied upon to meet the work requirement and deliver on time or ahead of time.’ (Annelies Cramer, neuropsychologist, Centurion)


‘The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.’



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