Medico-legal writing issues. Solved.

Are you a medical, legal or business professional? Medico-legal writing or business writing needs to be accurate, precise.

  • Are you spending many – sometimes frustrating – hours writing reports?
  • Is it imperative that you get them ‘just right’, on-point, precise?
  • Are you staking your reputation on them?
  • Do they have to stand up to rigorous scrutiny?

This is where I provide support.

Medico-legal writing - filesI am an experienced medico-legal writer and consultant, a specialist in supporting the delivery of accurate, concise, precise and high quality reports – bringing together the input of multiple role-players into documents that flow, make sense and are cogent.

I also provide support, for example, to Clinical Psychologists in medical negligence, personal injury and road accident matters, preparing reports that stand up to court scrutiny.

Areas of Expertise

My expertise spans the following areas, and please note that it is not limited to the Medico-legal field. I have also lectured at Wits University in writing skills and have wide ranging training and experience in business writing.

Domain Knowledge:

  • Medico-legal Writing, Report Writing
  • Clinical Psychological Report Requirements
  • Collateral Interviewing
  • Road Accident Fund Matters
  • Medical Negligence Cases
  • Personal Injury Matters

General Writing, Editing, Proofreading:

  • Writing from Interview Notes
  • Compiling Research, Information, Documents
  • Spelling, Grammar, Punctuation
  • Document Formatting
  • Copy Editing
  • Training Employees

Benefits I Aim to Deliver

Reducing writing time:

For any professsional, time is a scarce resource. Therefore, spending large chunks of time writing reports or compiling documents is usually not a welcome activity.

My services are meant to lift the burden of this task from my clients’ shoulders. They provide me with their clinical notes and other relevant documentation. I compile the associated information into a well constructed, accurate and precisely written document.

My clients are thereby free to see more patients or to spend more time practicing what they are best at while I see to their admin workload.

Protecting reputation, credibility:

Within the medico-legal arena particularly, where documents and reports come under careful scrutiny and are required to meet rigorous quality standards, it is imperative that documents be meticulously edited and proofread.

More than that, it is valuable for someone who understands the terminology and legal issues involved to ensure congruency of information, and to identify and correct potential weaknesses.

With a deep background of providing report writing support in many high-profile medico-legal cases, I am confident, that in the background, I play a role in helping my clients meet high standards, protect their professional reputation and uphold their credibility.