Resources for you

I created these resources for various posts elsewhere but I think you’ll find them useful. You are welcome to download as they are in PDF or png form. You are also welcome to share them but please acknowledge me as the creator.

If you need an editor

If you are looking for an editor, this is a good place to start. This infographic helps you identify what you need to bear in mind when choosing an editor.

If you are an editor, a client or a colleague

… a little about client relationships and anticipating a healthy start

If you are an editor who sometimes lands up in tricky client situations or you want to avoid a sub-optimal client relationship, this resource could help you. If you are a potential client wondering whether an editor will want to work with you, this could be useful in guiding the beginning discussions that lead to productive working and satisfactory results.

… do you want to know whether or not you and I (or others) can collaborate as editors

It’s not always easy to work together! If you are considering sharing a project or task with a colleague, this checklist establishes a rating which indicates the suitability of your colleague as a potential working partner.

If you are an author or student of academic and scholarly texts

These resources are aimed at those of us in academia. There are tips for students and authors, and tips for academic copy editors. The style essentials, once specified, are useful at the start of the writing journey for authors and students, and guide the editor at the end.

If you want to know the difference between style sheets and style guides

This is a brief explanation of the differences between a style guide and a style sheet – both of which should be integral to any written copy.


As a full member of the Professional Editors’ Guild (PEG) and a PEG Accredited Text Editor, it would be remiss of me not to direct you to these valuable resources also:

Do I need a proofread or copy-edit?

The basics of academic referencing

Copy-editing academic texts