Why you need an editor and a proofreader

Your reputation is at stake

You need an editor and a proofreader because what you write and how you write says something about you. In the business, professional and academic world, it tells the reader about your skill or expertise, but also about the pride you take in what you do and your service to others. Sloppy writing, text that does not make sense or too many mistakes on a page can suggest to a reader that you did not pay attention, you are not competent in what you do or a task was hurried at the expense of meeting the brief. We are not all equally skilled at writing and that’s okay. However, we all have the choice to let our written material reflect the best of ourselves, or not.

Editors make it clear

In the publishing industry, the roles of editor and proofreader are clearly defined. This is not always the case concerning written work in the business, academic and professional sectors. Editors have a number of roles, not all of which necessarily need to be employed. An editor can assist with the structure of a document to organise content, with the style in which it needs to be written to best meet the readers’ needs and with matters relating to grammar and punctuation. Editors make sure that the text makes sense, has a comfortable flow and is easy to read.

Proofreaders make it clean

Proofreaders commonly see text that has been edited already. They primarily identify mechanical errors – mistakes in punctuation and grammar that were missed in the initial writing or editing stages. In the bulk of my work, proofreading is more important than editing because medico-legal documents typically follow a predetermined structure or format which dictates the style and order of content. This does not mean that errors in structure never occur and the proofreading role remains important in confirming that content reads well and makes sense. The risk of mistakes in grammar and punctuation can be higher in documents following a specific order because writers become familiar, confident and sometimes less vigilant. Proofreaders raise the overall quality of the final written piece.

Keep your image intact

  • Do you want your documents, reports, theses and written communication to reflect your credibility and competency?
  • Is your information consistent in its meaning, is it logical and is it accurate?
  • Do you want the reader to understand easily?

All written matter deserves an edit and a proofread. So do you. This is why you need an editor and a proofreader.

Yes? Yes!

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